I created this blog to keep tabs on by build and to share with the automotive community. Enjoy.


Blacktop 20v with T3 water kit and tweak'd cop harness
100mm and 50mm Sam-Q stacks with Pipercross filter
Poly Bushings
Techna-fit brake lines
Countless OEM wear parts
Fortune Auto Coilovers 8/6kg
T3 "tall" short shifter
Cusco transmission mount
JDM kouki corner lights (fender)
No-name Strut Bar
Spin turn knob
Slotted Rotors with OEM or Hawk pads
TRD 4.778 Final Drive with T3 rebuilt kouki LSD
Various wheels. Current:
Hoshino Impul 14x8.5 -20
Rays Volk Mesh 14x8 -0?
Custom under diff exhaust
NST brake master cylinder stopper
NST steering lock spacer on aw11 rebuilt rack w/ t3 adapter
Sparco steering wheels with Boss hub and T3 billet extender
TRD shift knob
Momo Corse fixed back bucket seat
Tint 20%
Solex "twin cam series" locks
Fiberblass +25mm Fenders



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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Motor

Picked it up locally in Jefferson Oregon off a nice fella for 1200 bucks. Compression was good, I just hope everything else is too. Sorry for the cell phone pics lately.


Begun the 20v Swap Has

Today I officially tore out my harness to send out to Tweak'd Performance. They are making a brand new harness for the 20v blacktop, but they needed my old harness to source a few pieces.

It's kind of ironic that I was planning to start the swap today and my car died today. Well, it didn't die, but I left the headlights on for an hour and the battery voltage was down at 10v; effectively wouldn't turn the old starter. The last two days cold starts were getting rough and I believe my motor knew it was time to go. If any motor ever proved to be as reliable as this one has, I would be surprised.

On a lighter note, I'm so glad I never have to see this harness under my hood ever again! Goodbye!

Perhaps one of the greatest feelings when doing a project is obtaining all the parts. Kind of like when you're a kid and just got some new lego's. For now i just have this small box of things collected along with the motor. Including OEM(Toyota) front and rear brake pads, OEM motor mounts, OEM pilot bearing, OEM exhaust gasket, and some cheap serpintine belt. 

On the way in the mail I have a coil/ignitor, 1993 mr2 turbo O2 sensor by OBX, stainless steel fuel hose and Earl's banjo fittings with the pressure gauge set up from Summit Racing, and 1ZZFE coil packs to run a waste spark setup. Ignition and fuel line will look like this:

This photo was borrowed from morgan of club4ag.org in his 20v build that I have been referring to religiously

The only thing left I have to source is a water conversion kit, and an electric fan set up. Other than that all I have to do is send this harness in tomorrow and prep everything for the swap. Stay tuned for lots of updates as I meticulously swap my car over the next couple weeks.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Ae86's, Last of the Japanese Classic? Patina Worthy?

This black hatch belongs to my good friend Alex.

I love the look of layers of paint sanded down.

Keep Portland Hood, Alright?


Pictures of my AE86 at ITEM-B

I'm all about details, an example of this is the way I incorporated the brake master heat shield with the master cylinder stopper from NRG.

A picture of my car at ITEM-B, my shop/garage and my home.

Who remembers 76 antenna balls? So, utterly period correct for my 80's mobile.

BATMAN reverse light

Some Solex "Twin Cam Series". Love these things.

Corner Artist Style.


The Workhorse 16v 4age

Over the past six years my stock 16v has served me well. A 20v blacktop swap is in my sights. I should have the engine by the end of the month, stay tuned for updates as the swap begins!