I created this blog to keep tabs on by build and to share with the automotive community. Enjoy.


Blacktop 20v with T3 water kit and tweak'd cop harness
100mm and 50mm Sam-Q stacks with Pipercross filter
Poly Bushings
Techna-fit brake lines
Countless OEM wear parts
Fortune Auto Coilovers 8/6kg
T3 "tall" short shifter
Cusco transmission mount
JDM kouki corner lights (fender)
No-name Strut Bar
Spin turn knob
Slotted Rotors with OEM or Hawk pads
TRD 4.778 Final Drive with T3 rebuilt kouki LSD
Various wheels. Current:
Hoshino Impul 14x8.5 -20
Rays Volk Mesh 14x8 -0?
Custom under diff exhaust
NST brake master cylinder stopper
NST steering lock spacer on aw11 rebuilt rack w/ t3 adapter
Sparco steering wheels with Boss hub and T3 billet extender
TRD shift knob
Momo Corse fixed back bucket seat
Tint 20%
Solex "twin cam series" locks
Fiberblass +25mm Fenders



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Friday, September 24, 2010


Before you get wheels!...PLEASE!  it's killing me.


86 ART

I drew this back in high school before i even owned a rolla. I will try to find some other 86's I have drawn. Or maybe i will just draw a new one soon. I used to sit in class and draw Hoshino's all day. I stopped once i owned a set of my own.

I sketch other car's too. I am all about rat rods.

i wish i could afford to build a 40's rod


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


(I LIKE CARS!..... I have a big liking for hachiroku's)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wider in the front

that's how i roll


The weird things we do to our cars.

I have this really bad habit of ruining trunk lids with really bad art.
if anyone can read all the japanese on this trunk lid i will buy you a drink or paypal you $1 as a prize 
jk, but you can pat your self on the back and say "i am at jpn 102 level!"

i also like to attach random small things to it like mini fire extinguishers with kanji on them, and pirate flag toothpics!

one time i bought some dice. i rolled them on the roof of my car for the first time and... BAM! doubles bitches. Man, i really need a paintjob. But i will rock faded oem red till the day i die before i spray paint my car flat black!

and one more shot of the happy couple. trueno and levin unite.

love your rolla


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lazy Eye

One of my headlights wouldn't go up last night. I had to get out and manually do it. It took like a whole minute to do it. Fuck that. 


Monday, September 13, 2010

TRUENO Merchandise I have aquired:

This is an ultra rare "panda styled" man purse from Carland in Kyoto Japan 

                                                                                                wash cloth and towel. 

                                                                                                CHORO-Q AE86!
There are four kinds of speeds apparently


Raise your hand if you have driven through a tree.

Nothing like the sweet smell of redwoods in the morning.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

wheels of the world

first was the hurricane's

then volk knock off's

but i traded those for these "jdm" advans. Just look at what a ton of polish and some elbow grease can do!

which i sold and somewhere along the line picked up these beauty's. hahaha. sold them too.

last but not least, Hoshino Impul's! did i mention i am in love with these.

Don't EVER buy red lug nuts.

    add jdm bumpers with imagination and boom


never left me stranded

however, it did blow a head gasket... right in front of my house as i arrived home!

Reliable Car = FUN!

What kind of fun you say???
  The ladies love it

and so do the doggies

and so does Paul Bunion and his Blue Ox

sometimes we go to meet other corolla's too!

plus we go places. you know, see the sights.


got the car in a trade

Yep, i originally had an 81 lincoln continental my Mom gave me. (thank's mom) which i traded for an 84 mercury capri RS 5.0. which i traded for my beautiful ae86 kouki coupe + body damage.  She had about 240*** on her then. (don't have an old pic unfortunately) but it was bone stock and sitting a foot off the ground. worst wheel gap i have ever seen. thank god for the existence of lowering your vehicle.
Can't i do this with mostly pics? that's what i'm going to do.

it's never been the prettiest car, but i have worked my ass off on it!

and it has been good to me.