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Blacktop 20v with T3 water kit and tweak'd cop harness
100mm and 50mm Sam-Q stacks with Pipercross filter
Poly Bushings
Techna-fit brake lines
Countless OEM wear parts
Fortune Auto Coilovers 8/6kg
T3 "tall" short shifter
Cusco transmission mount
JDM kouki corner lights (fender)
No-name Strut Bar
Spin turn knob
Slotted Rotors with OEM or Hawk pads
TRD 4.778 Final Drive with T3 rebuilt kouki LSD
Various wheels. Current:
Hoshino Impul 14x8.5 -20
Rays Volk Mesh 14x8 -0?
Custom under diff exhaust
NST brake master cylinder stopper
NST steering lock spacer on aw11 rebuilt rack w/ t3 adapter
Sparco steering wheels with Boss hub and T3 billet extender
TRD shift knob
Momo Corse fixed back bucket seat
Tint 20%
Solex "twin cam series" locks
Fiberblass +25mm Fenders



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Friday, March 22, 2013

Corner Artist Logo Design

I came up with an idea to create a seal of sorts, for an elite group of automotive enthusiasts (aka my friends). Here is a series of photos showing the progression of the design over a couple days.

 It started out on the back of my school notebook. I saw the "metro goldwyn mayer" logo at the beginning of a movie and got inspired to replace the lion with a hoshino and make it my own.

Then I drew it again on a normal piece of paper and tried to generate some details.

Then i busted out an 11 by 17 inch piece of bristol and some micro's and got to it. The kanji symbol stands for "Car", and I just love the way it looks and what it represents.

 At some point I started taking pictures in inverse, to see what it would look like when made into a white vinyl cut sticker. I actually used the inverted photo technique to help me decide how to draw it.

This is the complete. The size of the sticker will be about 14 inches wide. Having shirts made is a possibility.  I'm not 100% satisfied with my "Corner Artist" cursive font, but at least it's hand drawn.

The shop that printed up the vinyl stickers is located in northeast Portland. Their shop is called NO LIMITS. Click the link below to see a video promo for their shop!


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